Foundations of Applied Electrodynamics

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Foundations of Applied Electrodynamics

Foundations of Applied Electrodynamics
Wiley; 2 edition | June 29, 2010 | ISBN-10: 0470688629 | 522 pages | PDF | 2.9 Mb

Foundations of Applied Electrodynamics takes a fresh look at the essential concepts and methods of electrodynamics as a whole, uniting the most relevant contemporary topics under a common mathematical framework. It contains clear explanations of high-level concepts as well as the mutual relationships between the essential ideas of electromagnetic theory. Starting with the fundamentals of electrodynamics, it methodically covers a wide spectrum of research and applications that stem from electromagnetic phenomena, before concluding with more advanced topics such as quantum mechanics.

Includes new advances and methodologies in applied electrodynamics, and provides the whole picture of the theory of electrodynamics in most active areas of engineering applications
Systematically deals with eigenvalue problems, integral equation formulations and transient phenomena in various areas of applied electrodynamics
Introduces the complete theory of spherical vector wave functions, and presents the upper bounds of the product of gain and bandwidth for an arbitrary antenna