Being the Shopper: Understanding the Buyer's Choice

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Being the Shopper: Understanding the Buyer's Choice

Being the Shopper: Understanding the Buyer's Choice by Phil Lempert (Author)
Publisher: Wiley; 1st edition (May 15, 2002) | ISBN-10: 0471151351 | PDF | 1,2 Mb | 245 pages

"What’s my test of a book I’ve been asked to review? Pure selfishness. How intense are the underlinings? How many quotes can I add to my presentations? How often are the things I believe ‘for sure’ effectively challenged? Phil Lempert’s Being the Shopper is off the charts on all three counts. And not-so-incidentally, though Phil is a ‘supermarket guru,’ this book will inform anyone who markets anything."
–– Tom Peters, coauthor, In Search of Excellence

"Being the Shopper is gourmet reading . . . a delicious and healthy resource for the smart shopper and forward-thinking marketer. Set your taste buds for Lempert’s cutting-edge insights and pragmatic advice on the one experience we all share!"
–– Chip Bell, author, Customer Love and Customers as Partners

"Phil Lempert convinces me I’m something called a consumer. It seems I’m obtuse, savvy, sensual, and picky–– and that my dynamics and demographics are constantly changing. So if you want me to buy something, you ought to try and understand me. reading Being the Shopper seems (to me) a real good place to start."
–– Barry Gibbons, former Chairman/CEO of Burger King
author and entrepreneur

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