Leap! A Revolution in Creative Business Strategy by Bob Schmetterer

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Leap! A Revolution in Creative Business Strategy by  Bob Schmetterer

Leap! A Revolution in Creative Business Strategy by Bob Schmetterer (Author)
Publisher: Wiley; 1 edition (January 3, 2003) | ISBN-10: 0471229172 | PDF | 2 Mb | 256 pages

Traditionally, company leaders develop a business strategy based on bottom lines and profit margins, then hire an ad agency to back up that strategy with creative advertising. But history shows that some of the most effective branding campaigns are born when companies work with ad agencies to develop a business strategy that has a big, creative idea at its heart–what CEO of Euro RSCG Bob Schmetterer calls the Creative Business Idea.
In Leap, Bob Schmetterer shows advertisers how to combine advertising creativity and bottom-line realities to develop winning business strategies and winning ad campaigns. He analyzes some of the most creative business ideas in history, showing how successful advertising and marketing strategies do more than simply communicate the brand–they define it. Advertisers know how to create demand for an existing brand, but Schmetterer argues that the next challenge for advertisers is to help their clients apply creative thinking to their core business strategy before they launch a branding blitz.
Leap is about connecting the left brain and the right brain to develop solid business strategies that are also creative, fresh, and exciting. Its about mixing businesss cold fixation on numbers with the warm heart of art and creativity to build revolutionary brands. Its about connecting with and listening to the client, understanding the business and the product, tapping into the clients passion for the product, and transmitting that passion to the consumer. Its about what happens when the business makes creativity part of its core strategy enabling it to move beyond self-imposed boundaries and expand the limits of its reach.
With a wealth of examples from Volvo to Purdue, Schmetterer shows ad agencies and managers how to help their clients develop the big, creative idea that will transform their businesses and perhaps their industries. Its time for companies to make the Leap that synthesizes business and creativity to reap the full rewards of profitable innovation.

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