Advanced 3D Photorealism Techniques by Bill Fleming

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Advanced 3D Photorealism Techniques by  Bill Fleming

Advanced 3D Photorealism Techniques by Bill Fleming (Author)
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons; (June 14, 1999) | ISBN-10: 0471344036 | PDF | 35,6 Mb | 400 pages

Bill Fleming's bestselling 3D Photorealism Toolkit got you up and running with the basics of creating photorealistic 3D images. This book takes you to the next level with advanced techniques for re-creating all the chaotic diversity found in nature. Thanks to the book's modular, learn-by-doing format, you'll quickly master proven, quality-enhancing, time-saving techniques for modeling, mapping, morphing, and surfacing that work for virtually all major 3D graphics programs and operating systems.

You'll learn how to:
* Identify the elements that make an image photorealistic using the 10 principles of photorealism.
* Create extremely realistic details using image map models.
* Add depth to your scenes with tileable image maps.
* Surface complex organic structures with morph targets.
* Use common tools to create water effects without high render time.
* Re-create chaos in natural and industrial settings.

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