Global Materials Compliance Handbook (Repost)

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Global Materials Compliance Handbook (Repost)

John Phyper, Philippe Ducas, Peter J. Baish, "Global Materials Compliance Handbook"
2004 | pages: 496 | ISBN: 0471467391 | PDF | 4,8 mb

Whether a company operates global facilities or just imports/exports goods to the United States, personnel and advisors must understand regulatory requirements. Most companies that ship or receive goods internationally have developed MCS that address regulatory requirements; however, these typically are labor intensive, independent of other company systems, adequately address only their primary location, and are not updated in a timely manner. Supply chain logistics is complicated, and this book details how to avoid security holds on shipments and gives sound advice on how to cope if another "9/11" occurs. The book provides easy to understand guidance to shipping/receiving personnel, safety inspectors, transportation and logistics managers on the movement of hazardous cargo from one location to another ensuring compliance to the maze of regulatory requirements.

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