The Science of Influence: How to Get Anyone to Say YES in 8 Minutes or Less

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Kevin Hogan, «The Science of Influence: How to Get Anyone to Say 'Yes' in 8 Minutes or Less!»
Wiley | ISBN 0471670510 | <2004-10-29> | PDF | 2.4 Mb | 256 pages

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New secrets to getting what you want every time
The Science of Influence shows readers how to get anyone to say "yes" in eight minutes or less. Synthesizing the latest research in the field of influence with real-world tested experiences, it presents simple secrets that help readers turn a "no" into a "yes." Every secret in this book has been rigorously tested, validated, and found reliable academically and in the real world.
Readers learn dozens of all-new techniques and strategies for influencing others including how to reduce resistance to rubble; send unconscious nonverbal messages that are consciously undetectable; make people feel instantly comfortable in your presence; decode body language; build credibility; and be persistent without being a pain.
The Science of Influence turns the enigmatic art of influence and persuasion into a science anyone can master.
Kevin Hogan, PsyD (Eagan, MN), is a dynamic motivational speaker and expert on unconscious influence and body language for the BBC, the New York Post, and such popular magazines as Cosmopolitan and Playboy. He teaches Persuasion and Influence at the University of St. Thomas Management Center. He is the author of 12 books including bestsellers such as Irresistible Attraction: Secrets of Personal Magnetism and The Psychology of Persuasion.

From the Inside Flap
In the last decade, scientific research has revealed new and amazing insights into how persuasion really works. For The Science of Influence, persuasion expert Kevin Hogan examined and road-tested all the newest research and tactics in influence and here presents the best new ideas and strategies. Coupled with the most effective of the traditional persuasion techniques, this book offers a simple, concise, and practical compendium of what works and what doesn't.

For salespeople, marketing professionals, and anyone who persuades others for a living, there's no excuse for not having the newest, most effective tools and tactics at hand—and this book provides them. Hogan combines these techniques into a revolutionary system that will get anyone to say "yes" in eight minutes or less.

With a wealth of the best new ideas and techniques—as well as secrets of persuasion never before revealed—The Science of Influence will show you how to:

* Present a convincing physical appearance
* Read and send powerful and effective body language messages
* Turn on the charm for maximum effect
* Make your target feel comfortable talking to you
* Ask questions to learn about your target's values, desires, needs, and beliefs
* Use secret tools to build credibility fast
* Convince your target of the negative consequences of a "no"
* Be persistent—but not annoying

The Science of Influence also reveals the hard science behind the most effective techniques—how the surrounding environment affects your listener, how they form habits and routines (and how to break them), and how the conscious and unconscious minds work. More than just a book about salesmanship, this book will change the way you communicate with coworkers and clients, family and friends. It's the Holy Grail of persuasion—a proven system for turning a "no" into a "yes."

About the Author
KEVIN HOGAN is a body language and unconscious influence expert for the BBC and popular magazines like Cosmopolitan, Playboy, and Maxim. He teaches persuasion and influence at the University of St. Thomas Management Center and frequently analyzes the behavior of White House figures for the media. He has also trained managers and leaders from Boeing, Microsoft, Starbucks, 3M, and the United States Postal Service, among other large companies