The Long and Short Of Hedge Funds: A Complete Guide to Hedge Fund Evaluation and Investing (repost)

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The Long and Short Of Hedge Funds: A Complete Guide to Hedge Fund Evaluation and Investing (repost)

Daniel A. Strachman, "The Long and Short Of Hedge Funds: A Complete Guide to Hedge Fund Evaluation and Investing"
2008 | ISBN: 0471792187 | 226 pages | PDF | 2 MB

Hedge funds have gone from obscurity to the mainstream in a very short period of time. Their ascent in the marketplace may have been rapid, but make no mistake, these innovative investment vehicles are here to stay. Understanding the intricacies of hedge funds can put you in a better position to profit from them—and no one is more qualified to advise you on this subject than author Daniel Strachman.

Whether you're an investor looking to find the hedge fund that's right for you; a new hedge fund manager in need of tips on choosing an attorney or an administrator; or a veteran hedge fund manager eager to learn from—and avoid—the fiascos that have recently brought down some of the biggest names in the business, The Long and Short of Hedge Funds has what you need to succeed in this competitive field.

In his previous book, The Fundamentals of Hedge Fund Management, Strachman skillfully explained how this investment vehicle comes to life and operates as a business. Now, with The Long and Short of Hedge Funds, he takes some time to review those important concepts, but quickly moves on to address the essential issues of hedge fund evaluation and investing.

Strachman opens with an engaging discussion of the past, present, and possible future of the hedge fund industry, and then reveals how legendary hedge fund managers—from George Soros to Julian Robertson—have leveraged alpha-generating strategies to capture above average returns in their investment endeavors. And while you'll discover how the best fund managers in the world take a dollar and put it to work in the marketplace, along the way, you'll also become familiar with:

How to take advantage of opportunities related to the evolution, creation, and development of a hedge fund organization

Why some funds make money regardless of market conditions—and why others don't

How hedge funds gather assets

The critical role that hedge fund service providers play in the success or failure of a hedge fund management company

How investors seek out and find hedge fund investments

Hedge fund frauds and blow ups, and how to protect yourself from them

Filled with reliable research and expert advice, The Long and Short of Hedge Funds provides you with a comprehensive view of how hedge funds work from both the manager's and investor's perspective. Read it today and discover how to apply proven money management principles to your own firm, the fund you work for, or the investments in your personal account.