Two Hundred Modern Chess Traps in the Fianchetto Openings (Repost)

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Two Hundred Modern Chess Traps in the Fianchetto Openings (Repost)

Two Hundred Modern Chess Traps in the Fianchetto Openings By J. B. Howson
1971 | 203 Pages | ISBN: 0498079198 | PDF | 9 MB

Fianchetto chess is here to stay! With the tremendous advance in hypermodern' theory during recent years, no player wishing to hold his own in competitive play can afford to ignore the new techniques which are now available. In assembling these 200 traps, the author has made a deep study of systems used by the great original thinkers of the present day -Tal, Fisher, Larsen and Penrose. Sparks cari normally be expected to fly when players like these sit down at the board, and new snares and pitfalls for the unwary are constantly being revealed in their games. One typical instance is the snare that cost Tal his game against Penrose in the 1960 Chess Olympics at Leipzig (and which incidentally was the only game lost by any Soviet player in the whole tournament!). This sensational encounter involving the first defeat of a reigning world champion in the 20th century by a British player, is analysed in the chapter on the Benoni Defence. This book is designed to help the average player chart a safe course through the shoals which abound in each Fianchetto opening. Every endeavour has been made to restrict the traps given to those discovered during the last two decades - except in cases where a really important line dates back earlier - and the original source is recorded only where it seems conclusive that the pitfall in question claimed its first victim in one particular game.