From Genesis to Genetics: The Case of Evolution and Creationism

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John A. Moore, «From Genesis to Genetics: The Case of Evolution and Creationism»
University of California Press | ISBN 0520224418 | 1 edition (January 7, 2002) | PDF | 1,47 Mb | 231 pages


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From Publishers Weekly:

A biology textbook author and emeritus professor at UC-Riverside, Moore offers an ardent but frequently simplistic defense of evolution and its place in science education. Addressing an audience of parents, science teachers, civic leaders and "all who desire harmony in a diverse society," Moore presents a serviceable account of evolutionary biology and its evidentiary basis both in Darwin's context and in subsequent research. As an account of the creation-evolution controversy, the book is impaired by equivocation between refereeing the debate and advocating the evolutionist cause. Moore's tendency to stereotype evolutionists as fearless truth-seekers and their critics as repressive fundamentalist demagogues quickly grows tiresome, as the book's polarized display of heroes and villains misrepresents scientific and cultural developments on both sides. Readers with a religious background may be disconcerted by Moore's approach toward religious history and scriptural interpretation, as both are consistently exploited to put creation doctrines or myths in the least complimentary light. Particularly ironic, in light of Moore's lament that today's students are not learning how science works, is the extent to which the actual history and structure of evolutionary theory are distorted in the name of "making the case for evolution." This approach culminates in the kind of sanitized synopsis that makes professional historians of science despair of "textbook science" as a window on scientific reality.

Book Description:

The clash between evolution and creationism is one of the most hotly contested topics in education today. This book, written by one of America's most distinguished science educators, provides essential background information on this difficult and important controversy. Giving a sweeping and balanced historical look at both schools of thought, John A. Moore shows that faith can exist alongside science, that both are essential to human happiness and fulfillment, but that we must support the teaching of science and the scientific method in our nation's schools. This highly informative book will be an invaluable aid for parents, teachers, and lawmakers, as well as for anyone who wants a better understanding of this debate. From Genesis to Genetics shows us why we must free both science and religion to do the good work for which each is uniquely qualified.
Using accessible language, Moore describes in depth these two schools of thought. He begins with an analysis of the Genesis story, examines other ancient creation myths, and provides a nuanced discussion of the history of biblical interpretation. After looking at the tenets and historical context of creationism, he presents the history of evolutionary thought, explaining how it was developed, what it means, and why it is such a powerful theory. Moore goes on to discuss the relationship of nineteenth-century religion to Darwinism, examine the historic Scopes trial, and take us up to the current controversy over what to teach in schools. Most important, this book also explores options for avoiding confrontations over this issue in the future.
Thoughtfully and powerfully advocating that the teaching of science be kept separate from the teaching of religion, Moore asks us to recognize that a vigorous and effective scientific community is essential to our nation's health, to our leadership role in the world, and to the preservation of a healthy environment.

From the Back Cover:

"A marvelous and insightful review of the creationism/evolution controversy by an individual who has contributed immeasurably to the public understanding of science."ÐLee Hood, author of The Code of Codes: Scientific and Social Issues in the Human Genome Project

"I know of no book that explains the evolution/creation controversy in such a comprehensive manner, and yet in a style that will be understood by high school students. It demarcates those areas of thought that belong to faith-supported religion on the one hand, and reason-supported science on the other without denigrating either."ÑRichard E. Dickerson, UCLA

"There are few scientists as knowledgeable and clear about how science works, and as thoughtful about the creation and evolution controversy as John A. Moore. A product of Moore's wisdom and his over 60 years experience as a brilliant and productive scholar, From Genesis to Genetics will bring understanding to both citizens and scientists who are grappling with the contentious issues of science and religion, evolution and creationism."ÑEugenie C. Scott, Executive Director, National Center for Science Education

About the Author:

John A. Moore (1916-1992) was Professor of Biology at the University of California, Riverside. He is author of Science as a Way of Knowing: The Foundations of Modern Biology (1993), Biological Science: An Inquiry into Life (third edition, 1973), and Heredity and Development (second edition, 1972).