Physics with Answers: 500 Problems and Solutions (repost)

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Physics with Answers: 500 Problems and Solutions (repost)

Andrew R. King, Oded Regev, O. Regev, "Physics with Answers: 500 Problems and Solutions"
1997 | ISBN: 0521483697, 0521482704 | 332 pages | Djvu | 2 MB

Physics with Answers contains 500 problems covering the full range of introductory physics and its applications to many other subjects, along with clear, step-by-step solutions to each problem. No calculus is required. By attempting these exercises and learning from the solutions, students will gain confidence in solving class problems and improve their grasp of physics. The book is split into two parts. The first contains the problems, together with useful summaries of the main results needed for solving them. The second part gives full solutions to each problem, often accompanied by thoughtful comments. Subjects covered include statics, Newton's laws, circular motion, gravitation, electricity and magnetism, electric circuits, liquids and gases, heat and thermodynamics, light and waves, atomic physics, and relativity. The book will be invaluable to anyone taking an introductory course in physics, whether at college or pre-university level.

"This book contains 500 physics problems and solutions in common college and university undergraduate topics. These topics are presented in three chapters: mechanics, electricity and magnetism, and matter and waves….A brief summary of the relevant theory is given at the beginning of each chapter and contains definitions and some typical functions….This book can be of great help to teachers and students who are looking for more examples of classic problem solving in physics, especially in the basic fields of mechanics and electromagnetism." Materials Research Bulletin