Modern Compiler Implementation in Java by Andrew W. Appel

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Modern Compiler Implementation in Java by  Andrew W. Appel

Modern Compiler Implementation in Java by Andrew W. Appel, Jens Palsberg
Publisher: Cambridge University Press; 2 edition (November 2002) | ISBN-10: 052182060X | CHM | 8 Mb | 512 pages

This textbook describes all phases of a compiler: lexical analysis, parsing, abstract syntax, semantic actions, intermediate representations, instruction selection via tree matching, dataflow analysis, graph-coloring register allocation, and runtime systems. It includes thorough coverage of current techniques in code generation and register allocation, and the compilation of functional and object-oriented languages. The most accepted and successful techniques are described and illustrated with actual Java^TM classes. The first part is suitable for a one-semester first course in compiler design. The second part; which includes the compilation of object-oriented and functional languages, garbage collection, loop optimization, SSA form, instruction scheduling, and optimization for cache-memory hierarchies; can be used for a second-semester or graduate course. This new edition includes more discussion of Java and object-oriented programming concepts such as visitor patterns plus a new Mini-Java programming project. A unique feature is the newly redesigned compiler project in Java for a subset of Java itself. The project includes both front-end and back-end phases.

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