O'Reilly Perl Cookbook, 2nd Edition

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Tom Christiansen / Nathan Torkington, «Perl Cookbook, Second Edition»
O'Reilly Media | ISBN 0596003137 | 2nd ed. (Aug. 21, 2003) | CHM | 1.5 Mb | 927 pages

When the second edition of Programming Perl was released, the authors omitted two chapters: "Common Tasks with Perl" and "Real Perl Programs." Publisher O'Reilly & Associates soon realized that there would be too many pages in Programming Perl if it put updated recipes in the new edition. Instead, O'Reilly chose to release the many Perl code examples as a separate entity: The Perl Cookbook.
The recipes are well documented and the examples aren't too arcane; even beginners will be able to pick up the lessons taught here. The authors write in relatively easy-to-understand language (for a technical guide). Through this book and its arsenal of recipes, you will learn many new things about Perl to help you through your toughest projects. The next time you're working on a project at 2 a.m., you'll thank yourself for the guidance and direction The Perl Cookbook provides

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