ABC of AIDS (Fifth Edition)

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ABC of AIDS (Fifth Edition)

Lock, Beckinham, Andrew Haines, Anna Donald, Adler, «ABC of AIDS»
BMJ Publishing Group | ISBN 0727915037 | 5 Edition (October 2001) | PDF | 1,8 Mb | 118 Pages

Editorial Reviews:

Journal of Public Health Medicine, Spring 2003:
Can be recommended to anyone who wants reliable information on the current key areas of HIV and AIDS.

Book Description:

This book stands as the standard single reference for all healthcare workers managing AIDS patients. This concise text discusses every aspect of the disease, from its epidemiology and all that is known of the aetiology, to diagnosis and recognition of the different manifestations of the disease. Special emphasis is placed on the care of patients both within and outside the hospital with chapters on counselling and the psycho-social aspects, palliative care and pain control, and two chapters by patients who are HIV positive which give insight into what it is like to be infected. The book is written and edited by internationally respected specialists.

Book Info:

(BMJ Books) Univ. College London, UK. Reference for healthcare personnel managing patients with HIV infection. Contains data in a concise and easy-to-read format. Thoroughly revised and gives an overview of all aspects of HIV/AIDS. Well illustrated in color and halftone. Includes the latest data on epidemiology, psychosocial effects, palliative care, and pain control. Softcover.

From the Publisher:

Written by internationally famous experts

Updated to indicate how the implementation of research findings is relevant to a number of NHS policy initiatives

New foreword by Professor John Pattison

Includes new and revised chapters

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