Constitutional Law: Principles And Policies, 3 edition (repost)

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Constitutional Law: Principles And Policies, 3 edition (repost)

Erwin Chemerinsky, "Constitutional Law: Principles And Policies, 3 edition"
English | 2006 | ISBN: 073555787X | 1368 pages | scan PDF | 74,7 MB

CONSTITUTIONAL LAW: Principles and Policies continues to serve as an incomparably clear introduction to both doctrine and policy in its Third Edition.
This highly successful student treatise offers distinct advantages: thorough treatment of all areas of constitutional law covered in both beginning and advanced courses, unambiguous identification of the issues takes a neutral approach that examines all sides of constitutional law debates presents both the doctrines and the underlying policy issues of the law, unlike many other texts which emphasize one or the other li class=copymedium>flexible organization allows the chapters to be used in any For the Third Edition, the author: updates the entire text, with new material introduced throughout pays special attention to developments between editions, particularly in regard to presidential power in the war on terrorism, the many decisions concerning state sovereign immunity, the controversial rulings concerning the takings clause, the important decisions concerning affirmative action by colleges and universities, and significant developments concerning the Establishment Clause (such as the approval of vouchers and the Ten Commandments decisions)