Designing with Web Standards by Jeffrey Zeldman

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Designing with Web Standards by  Jeffrey Zeldman

Designing with Web Standards by Jeffrey Zeldman
Publisher: New Riders Press; 1st edition (May 14, 2003) | ISBN: 0735712018 | CHM | 6,8 Mb | 456 pages

You code. And code. And code. You build only to rebuild. You focus on making your site compatible with almost every browser or wireless device ever put out there. Then along comes a new device or a new browser, and you start all over again.
You can get off the merry-go-round.
It's time to stop living in the past and get away from the days of spaghetti code, insanely nested table layouts, tags, and other redundancies that double and triple the bandwidth of even the simplest sites. Instead, it's time for forward compatibility.
Isn't it high time you started designing with web standards?
Standards aren't about leaving users behind or adhering to inflexible rules. Standards are about building sophisticated, beautiful sites that will work as well tomorrow as they do today. You can't afford to design tomorrow's sites with yesterday's piecemeal methods.

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