The Renaissance (Greenhaven Encyclopedia of) (repost)

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The Renaissance (Greenhaven Encyclopedia of) (repost)

The Renaissance (Greenhaven Encyclopedia of) by Tom Streissguth
English | 2007-11-27 | ISBN: 0737732164 | PDF | 353 pages | 4,6 MB

This latest volume in the Greenhaven Encyclopedia of . . . series examines the cultural movement that began in Italy in the fourteenth century and spread throughout Europe over the next several hundred years. Key terms, pivotal events, and biographies of central figures important to understanding the Renaissance are included. Entries are arranged alphabetically and range in length from several paragraphs to two pages. Subject entries encompass broad topics, such as Architecture, Clothing, Education, Humanism, Medicine, and Trade, as well as more narrowly defined entries: events (Fall of Constantinople, Inquisition, Sack of Rome); individual countries and cities (Austria, Rome); and other topics (Jews, Papacy, Plague). The individuals who are covered (among them, numerous women) include artists, rulers, explorers, scientists, and religious figures.

The volume begins with a seven-page, detailed overview of the history of the Renaissance and a table of contents. See also references are provided where warranted. Several entries contain black-and-white illustrative material, though not always of the best quality to see specific details. The volume concludes with a comprehensive index, chronology, and “For Further Research” list, which includes some materials published between 1940 and 1970 that may no longer be available for students in their school or local public library. Entries are well written and concise and provide an excellent introduction to each subject for high-school students. Advanced middle-school social-studies classes could also utilize this resource. Though it is by no means the most complete reference work on the Renaissance, high-school and public libraries serving teens who study this popular curriculum topic will still want to purchase a copy to complement other titles