Cliffs Quick Review - Calculus

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Bernard V. Zandy / Jonathan J. White, «Calculus (Cliffs Quick Review)»
Cliffs Notes | ISBN 0764563769 | June 15, 2001 | PDF | 1 Mb | 128 pages



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Book Description:

CliffsQuickReview course guides cover the essentials of your toughest subjects. Get a firm grip on core concepts and key material, and test your newfound knowledge with review questions.

Whether you're new to limits, derivatives, and integrals or just brushing up on your knowledge of the subject, CliffsQuickReview Calculus can help. This guide covers calculus topics such as limits at infinity, differential rules, and integration by parts. You'll also tackle other concepts, including

* Differentiation of inverse trigonometric functions
* Distance, velocity, and acceleration
* Volumes of solids with known cross sections
* Extreme value theorem
* Concavity and points of inflection

CliffsQuickReview Calculus acts as a supplement to your other learning materials. Use this reference in any way that fits your personal style for study and review — you decide what works best with your needs. You can flip through the book until you find what you're looking for — it's organized to gradually build on key concepts. Here are just a few other ways you can search for topics:

* Use the free Pocket Guide full of essential information.
* Get a glimpse of what you’ll gain from a chapter by reading through the Chapter Check-In at the beginning of each chapter.
* Use the Chapter Checkout at the end of each chapter to gauge your grasp of the important information you need to know.
* Test your knowledge more completely in the CQR Review and look for additional sources of information in the CQR Resource Center.
* Tap the glossary to find key terms fast.

With titles available for all the most popular high school and college courses, CliffsQuickReview guides are comprehensive resources that can help you get the best possible grades.

From the Back Cover:

We take great notes — and make learning a snap
When it comes to pinpointing the stuff you really need to know, nobody does it better than CliffsNotes. This fast, effective tutorial helps you master core Calculus concepts — from functions, limits, and derivatives to differentials, integration, and definite integrals — and get the best possible grade.

At CliffsNotes, we're dedicated to helping you do your best, no matter how challenging the subject. Our authors are veteran teachers and talented writers who know how to cut to the chase—and zero in on the essential information you need to succeed.

Master the basics—fast

* Complete coverage of core concepts
* Accessible, topic-by-topic organization
* Free pocket guide for easy reference