Hacking Movable Type (ExtremeTech) by Jay Allen

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Hacking Movable Type (ExtremeTech) by  Jay Allen

Hacking Movable Type (ExtremeTech) by Jay Allen, Brad Choate, Ben Hammersley, Matthew Haughey, Ben Trott, Mena Trott, David Raynes [REPOST]
Publisher: Wiley (July 22, 2005) | ISBN: 076457499X | PDF | 8,4 Mb | 336 pages

Movable Type, that amazingly powerful personal publishing application, is the superhero of the Internet age. But when you push, poke, stretch, and otherwise coax it into producing even more, the possibilities for your Web content are simply superlative. Roll up your sleeves and get moving-here's the first book to tell you how.

Discover how to do all this and more
* Hack the perfect installation
* Hack the database
* Play with Atom, Perl, and XML-RPC APIs
* Write advanced plug-ins
* Master dynamic publishing
* Hack a super-powered blog app
* Ban comment spam
* Build customized templates

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