Dungeons & Dragons For Dummies by Bill Slavicsek, Rich Baker

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Dungeons & Dragons For Dummies by Bill Slavicsek, Rich Baker
Publisher: For Dummies (April 29, 2005) | ISBN: 0764584596 | PDF | 9,7 Mb | 432 pages

The fun and easy way to get started in this popular fantasy role-playing game Market research indicates that 4 million American males, ages 8 to 45, play Dungeons & Dragons, while 7.6 million who haven't played say they want to learn how. The popularity of recent sci-fi and fantasy movies has also boosted interest. D&D is complex to learn, and this friendly guide helps the curious locate a game, understand the rules, choose or create a character, follow proper game etiquette, and even move up in the hierarchy to become a Dungeon Master. The four-page foldout cheat sheet will include markers and a model dungeon layout that serves as an actual game board, allowing readers to play using this book and nothing else.

Just want to play? Here's where to start!

Understand the game, choose a character, and pick up the language of D&D(r)

Dreaming of Dungeons & Dragons(r), but afraid it takes years to master the game? Meet your personal wizard! This book conjures up the basics to get you started – essential rules, pregenerated characters, tips and tricks to improve your play, even a foldout dungeon map and battle grid. Read it today, and play tomorrow!

Discover how to
* Create a character
* Choose skills, spells, weapons, and gear
* Find a game or start your own
* Follow D&D(r) game etiquette
* Become a Dungeon Master
* Enhance your game skills


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Dungeons & Dragons For Dummies  by Bill  Slavicsek, Rich  Baker
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