Finding a Job on the Web (Cliffs Notes)

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Peter D. Weddle, «Finding a Job on the Web (Cliffs Notes)»
Wiley Publishing | ISBN 0764585479 | Updated edition (December 1999) | PDF | 10 Mb | 121 pages

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Book Description
Your shortcut to success™ for over 40 years CliffsNotes. They helped you get through school. Now let them help you get through life. With this trusty guide, you'll get up to speed fast on the best job-hunting sites and strategies online.Check out our other CliffsNotes titles See the inside back pages for a list of CliffsNotes on Computers, Software, the Internet, Personal Finance, and Careers — and look for CliffsNotes on other topics coming soon.

About the Author
About the Author Peter D. Weddle is a businessman turned author and commentator, He writes weekly columns about employment for The Wall Street Journal and National Business Employment Weekly. In addition, he publishes "Weddle's, The Newsletter for Successful Online Recruiting" and Weddle's Guide to Employment Web-Sites.