Joining the Global Public

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Joining the Global Public

Joining the Global Public
Publisher: State University of New York Press | ISBN: 0791471187 | edition 2008 | PDF | 249 pages | 4,89 mb

This volume presents some fruits of the work of members of an informal research group, Structure and Development of the Chinese Public Sphere, established in Heidelberg in 1993. It provided a forum for a broad range of independent research projects linked by this focus; subjects ranged from the rhetoric of late Qing editorials to the administration of the national memory through PRC archives; from the acculturation of the newspaper to Chinese preferences to the development of professional journalists; from studies of Ernest Major, the founder and manager of the most important early paper, the Shenbao, to studies of Li Boyuan, the man who set the standard for the Chinese entertainment apers; from the implied addressee of advertisements to the rise of the modern star.

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