Food and Package Engineering (repost)

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Food and Package Engineering (repost)

Scott A. Morris, "Food and Package Engineering"
2011 | ISBN: 0813814790 | 480 pages | PDF | 19,3 MB

Packaging is a globally integrated discipline: it draws on nearly every aspect of science, technology, business, social science, and engineering. This book uniquely reflects the systemic, interconnected nature of the food packaging industry. The author takes a holistic approach, covering topics more broadly than traditional texts which tend to take a linear view of singular topics and which often do not convey the interconnected nature of the industries involved. The comprehensive perspective of this volume provides a framework to discuss critical interrelated topics such as economics, politics, and natural resources.

Aimed at readers with varying levels of experience, Food and Package Engineering provides multilevel accessibility to each topic, allowing both students and professionals to find useful information and develop technical expertise. Rather than being a simple exposition of technical knowledge, the book provides both real-world examples and challenging problems that require consideration at several different levels. Following the "packaging cycle", readers are guided through the life of the package, from raw materials through material conversion, food packaging operations, distribution, retail and recycling or disposal by the consumer. Engineering basics and food preservation principles are discussed along the way.

Extensively illustrated and meticulously researched, Food and Package Engineering offers both a technical and a real-world perspective of the field. The text serves the student or industry professional, at whatever level or background, as an outstanding learning and reference work for their professional preparation and practice.