The AMA Handbook of Business Letters

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Jeffrey L. Seglin / Edward Coleman, «The Ama Handbook of Business Letters»
American Management Association | ISBN 0814406653 | 3rd edition (April 2002)| PDF | 1,22 Mb | 519 pages


Indianapolis Business Journal:

"If dashing off a proper business letter is the bane of your existence,[the book] is a great book."

Joyce Lain Kennedy, nationally syndicated columnist:

"For every business person who hates to write letters, this is what you want for your birthday".

Book Description:

There's no reason to write a business letter from scratch when a better one exists already! This authoritative book and easy-to-use CD-ROM have everything busy professionals need to create effective business correspondence – from style and grammar guidelines to hundreds of fully executed model letters and memos, plus new sections on business e-mail and more.

The book also offers a refresher course in the letter-writing basics, including formatting and addressing letters, getting a point across, and avoiding common stumbling blocks. The CD-ROM {NOT INCLUDED IN DOWNLOAD} puts powerful communication right at the reader's fingertips with an impressive array of ready-made, customizable letters for:

* Sales, marketing, and public relations
* Vendor and supplier issues
* Credit and collections
* Personnel matters
* Every conceivable business situation-more than 365 letters in all!

Book Info:

Complete, authoritative tool kit for writing effective business correspondence. Gives you succinct guidelines to grammar and style, plus hundreds of model letters to handle every situation that crops up in business today. CD-ROM included.

About the Author:

Jeffrey L. Seglin (Boston, MA) is the author of The Good, the Bad, and Your Business and others.


Table of Contents

PART 1. The Basics
1. Planning the Letter
2. Components of an Effective Letter
3. Structure: The Parts of a Letter
4. Appearance of the Letter
5. Grammar and Usage
6. Word Processing

PART II: The Letters
7. Sales, Marketing, and Public Relations Letters
8. Customer Service Letters
9. Credit and Collections Letters
10. Letters to Vendors and Suppliers
11. Personnel Letters
12. Transmittal Letters
13. Confirmation Letters
14. Request Letters
15. Replies
16. Permissions Letters
17. Social, Personal, and Miscellaneous Letters

PART III: Appendixes
I. Words to Watch
II. Punctuation
III. Abbreviations
IV. Grammar Hotline Directory