Export/Import Procedures and Documentation (repost)

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Export/Import Procedures and Documentation (repost)

Thomas E. Johnson, Donna L. Bade, "Export/Import Procedures and Documentation"
2010 | ISBN: 0814415504 | 624 pages | PDF | 20,1 MB

In the ever-changing world of complex international rules, laws, and regulations, even seasoned export/import professionals may find themselves in unfamiliar situations. This comprehensive answer book supplies readers with a clear view of the entire process, explaining the ins and outs of shipping and insurance; currency exchange; dealing with banks; contracts; customs; and transportation.

Completely revised and including 140 sample contracts, documents, and ready-to-use forms, "Export/Import Procedures and Documentation" contains up-to-the-minute information on new security procedures, the movement to Internet-based documentation, recently enacted Free Trade Agreements, increased compliance measures under the Consumer Products Safety Commission. Written in clear, everyday language and including checklists, questionnaires, and a glossary of international trading terms this trusted resource gives import/export professionals everything they need to get the job done.