Computer Science Experiments (repost)

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Computer Science Experiments (repost)

Pamela Walker, Elaine Wood "Computer Science Experiments"
English | 2009-12-11 | ISBN: 0816078068 | 153 pages | PDF | 9 MB

Computers are more prevalent in our daily lives than ever before, yet many people are unfamiliar with the concepts and technology of computer science. Offering 20 engaging experiments and activities based on computer research, "Computer Science Experiments" aims to expand students' learning experiences in this field by covering key science concepts.

The experiments in this volume come from all major areas of science, including biology, environmental science, physics, chemistry, and Earth systems. Including such helpful experiments as a 'Virtual Pig Dissection', 'Human Parasites', 'Breathing Demonstration', and 'Hydrolysis and Dehydration Synthesis', this easy-to-use and updated resource features full-color line illustrations, tables, and charts to help hold students' attention and clearly explain information. This useful new collection is an ideal primer for middle and high school students, and it offers teachers a new approach to presenting some basic concepts in a new and engaging way.