A Reader in International Corporate Finance Volumes 1 and 2

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Luc Laeven, «A Reader in International Corporate Finance, Volume 1»
World Bank Publications | ISBN 082136698x | 2006-08-21 | PDF | 2,13 Mb | 416 pages


Stijn Classens, «A Reader in International Corporate Finance, Volume 2»
World Bank Publications | ISBN 0821367005 | 2006-08-21 | PDF | 3,99 Mb | 468 pages


A Reader in International Corporate Finance offers an overview of current thinking on six topics: law and finance, corporate governance, banking, capital markets, capital structure and financing constraints, and the political economy of finance.

This collection of 23 of the most influential articles published in the period 2000-2006 reflects two new trends:

-interest in international aspects of corporate finance, particularly specific to emerging markets,

-awareness of the importance of institutions in explaining global differences in corporate finance.

This two volume set reprints 23 of the most influential articles on international corporate finance published during the period 2000-2006. Volume one covers law and finance, corporate governance, and banking. Volume 2 contains articles on capital markets, capital structure and financial constraints, and political economy.This valuable collection offers a comprehensive overview of the present thinking on topics in international corporate finance and is ideally suited as an accompaniment to existing textbooks for courses on corporate finance and emerging market finance at the graduate economics, law, and MBA level.

"In the last decade, financial economists have increasingly focused on the role of laws and institutions in explaining differences in financial development across countries. This collection includes many of the essential papers in this research agenda. It will be of great use to readers interested in the emerging new paradigm in corporate governance." -Andrei Shleifer, Professor of Economics, Harvard University

"Anybody seeking to understand corporate finance and corporate governance must read the papers in this book and the literature they have spawned. The financing of firms is based on contracts and the enforcement of those contracts. Without comparing firms under different contractual systems, therefore, it is impossible to grasp fully the key factors shaping the financing and behavior of firms." -Ross Levine, Professor of Economics, Brown University

"The development of a country’s financial markets and institutions is critical to the process of economic growth. This reader contains a collection of the seminal papers describing how factors like law, property rights, and corporate governance contribute to financial development, as well as papers discussing how private interest groups can block or support financial reform, and thereby shape the financial development of countries. It is a must read for any students of finance as well as anyone interested in how finance develops." -Raghuram Rajan, Economic Counselor and Director of Research, International Monetary Fund