Programming Language Fundamentals by Example (repost)

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Programming Language Fundamentals by Example (repost)

D.E. Stevenson, "Programming Language Fundamentals by Example"
AUERBACH | 2006 | ISBN: 0849370167 | PDF | 256 pages | 6,5 MB

Written in an informal yet informative style, Programming Language Fundamentals by Example uses active learning techniques, giving students a professional learning experience based on professional methods applied with professional standards. It provides an understanding of the many languages and notations used in computer science, the formal models used to design phases, and the foundations of languages including linguistics and logic. To give students a thorough, working knowledge of programming languages, this textbook uses a semester-long project in which students create a programming language. This project brings to life the concepts and theories fundamental to computer languages. The author incorporates "thinking tools" such as concept maps, matrices for analysis, and flowcharts. Designed for fourth year undergraduates and first year graduates with enough exposure to programming to absorb the technical foundations of languages, this textbook offers a unique approach to understanding how programming languages are created and function.