MEMS: Introduction and Fundamentals, Second Edition

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Mohamed Gad-el-Hak (Editor), «MEMS: Introduction and Fundamentals, Second Edition (Mechanical Engineering)»
CRC | ISBN 0849391377 | 2nd edition (November 29, 2005)| PDF | 16.7 Mb | 488 pages

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Book Description:

Thoroughly revised and updated, the new edition of the best-selling MEMS Handbook is now presented as a three-volume set that offers state-of-the-art coverage of microelectromechanical systems. The first volume, MEMS: Introduction and Fundamentals builds the required background and explores various physical considerations of MEMS. Topics include scaling, simulation models, the basics of control theory, and the physics of materials flow, thin liquid films, and bubble/drop transport. New chapters in this edition address lattice Boltzmann simulations and microscale hydrodynamics. Standing well on its own, this books builds an outstanding foundation for further exploration of MEMS and their applications.

Table of Contents:


Scaling of Micromechanical Devices.

Mechanical Properties of MEMS.


Flow Physics.

Integrated Simulation for MEMS: Coupling Flow-Structure-Thermal-electrical domains.

Molecular-Based Microfluidic Simulation Models.

Hydrodynamics of Small-Scale Internal Gaseous Flows.

Burnett Simulations of Flows in Microdevices.

Lattice Boltzmann Simulations of Slip Flow in Microchannels.

Liquid Flow in Microchannels.

Lubrication in MEMS.

Physics of Thin Liquid Films.

Bubble/Drop Transport in Microchannels.

Fundamentals of Control Theory.

Model-Based Flow Control for Distributed Architectures.

Soft Computing in Control.