Patent It Yourself (7th ed) by David Pressman

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Patent It Yourself (7th ed) by  David Pressman

Patent It Yourself (7th ed) by David Pressman (Author), Stephen Elias (Author)
Publisher: Nolo; 7TH edition (January 1999) | ISBN-10: 087337469X | PDF | 6 Mb | 496 pages

This is a revised and considerably enlarged edition of a book published in 1979 by McGraw-Hill ( LJ 7/79). It is more thorough and provides better coverage of peripheral topics (e.g, how to keep lab notebooks, marketing and licensing inventions) than Kenneth Norris's The Inventor's Guide to Low-Cost Patenting ( LJ 7/85). Norris, however, includes more extracts from relevant regulations and the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure. The heart of both books is the process of acquiring a patent: searching for "prior art," drafting claims and applications, making drawings and responding appropriately to "office actions" of the Patent and Trademark Office. Pressman writes well and formats the material for easy reference. Recommended for public libraries.

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