Workflow Handbook 2003 by Layna Fischer

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Workflow Handbook 2003 by  Layna Fischer

Workflow Handbook 2003 by Layna Fischer (Editor)
Publisher: Future Strategies (March 6, 2002) | ISBN-10: 0970350929 | PDF | 31,7 Mb | 428 pages

Published in association with the Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC), the Workflow Handbook 2002 comprises four sections in over 400 information-packed pages:
SECTION 1: The World of Workflow covers a wide spectrum of viewpoints and discussions by experts in their respective fields. Papers range from an Introduction to Workflow through to a peek into the future of XML workflow architectures and integrating Business Process Technology.
SECTION 2 offers selected award-winning Case Studies from the annual Excellence in Workflow awards.
SECTION 3, Workflow Standards, deals with the importance of standards, and details the new Wf-XML 1.1 binding recently published by the Coalition's Technical Committee.
SECTION 4: The WfMC Glossary, an explanation of the structure of the Workflow Management Coalition and references comprise the last section, Directory and Appendices, including a membership directory.

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