Natural Gas Engineering Handbook (Book and CDROM)

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Boyun Guo / Ali Ghalambor, «Natural Gas Engineering Handbook»
Gulf Publishing Company | ISBN 0976511339 | Bk & CD-Rom edition (July 31, 2005) | PDF | 18 Mb | 446 pages

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Book Description

Many studies have concluded that the major source of energy for the global economy in the first half of the 21st century will be natural gas. With natural gas becoming more and more important there is increasing demand for information, yet less and less available material on this subject. The Natural Gas Engineering Handbook is the only book available that covers this subject in a comprehensive and practical way. This book covers the full scope of natural gas engineering, from gas reservoir engineering to gas production systems to gas processing. It adapts a computer-assisted approach, which is current practice in the industry and is severely lacking in other books on natural gas engineering.

About the Author

Boyun Guo, PhD, SPE, is one of the most respected petroleum engineering authors in the world and has written several books and many papers, including The Air and Gas Drilling Manual and Offshore Pipelines. He earned his PhD from New Mexico Tech. He is also a professor of petroleum engineering at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Ali Ghalambor, PhD, is the head American Petroleum Institute Endowed Professor of Petroleum Institute Endowed Professor of Petroleum Engineering at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He has served on the Society of Petroleum Engineers Board of Directors as a recipient of the SPE Distinguished Achievement Award. He has authored over 100 scholarly papers, journal articles and books.