1001 Ways to Get Promoted

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1001 Ways to Get Promoted

David E. Rye, «1,001 Ways to Get Promoted »
Career Press | ISBN 1564144305 | January 2001 | PDF | 211 Pages | 1,30 Mb

Presents how to do a better job of self-promotion. Offers 1001 techniques and true life stories covering all the critical promotional functions, including how to identify your promotional strategies and fit them into a master plan.
If you're just beginning your career or if you're stalled and wondering why you're not progressing up the ladder, you will find David E. Rye's basic book quite useful. His credo: Use self-promotion to attain professional promotion. Don't be misled by the gimmicky title. This is not a list of 1,00l ways to land that promotion. Instead, Rye builds his book around seven strategies that let everyone know you are management material. We […] like one thing in particular - at pivotal points in each chapter, Rye recommends books that will take you further into the particular subject that chapter covers. This is a great idea, and more business books should refer onward this way. So, if you're just starting out or if you need a boost up the corporate ranks, this book will tell you how to climb, or at least tell you where to go to find out what you need to know.

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