Professional C++ Ed 3

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Professional C++ Ed 3

Marc Gregoire, "Professional C++ Ed 3"
English | ISBN: 1118858050 | 2014 | 984 pages | PDF | 12 MB

Master complex C++ programming with this helpful, in-depth resource
From game programming to major commercial software applications, C++ is the language of choice. It is also one of the most difficult programming languages to master. While most competing books are geared toward beginners, Professional C++, Third Edition, shows experienced developers how to master the latest release of C++, explaining little known features with detailed code examples users can plug into their own codes. More advanced language features and programming techniques are presented in this newest edition of the book, whose earlier editions have helped thousands of coders get up to speed with C++. Become familiar with the full capabilities offered by C++, and learn the best ways to design and build applications to solve real-world problems.
Professional C++, Third Edition has been substantially revised and revamped from previous editions, and fully covers the latest (2014) C++ standard. Discover how to navigate the significant changes to the core language features and syntax, and extensions to the C++ Standard Library and its templates. This practical guide details many poorly understood elements of C++ and highlights pitfalls to avoid.
Best practices for programming style, testing, and debugging
Working code that readers can plug into their own apps
In-depth case studies with working code
Tips, tricks, and workarounds with an emphasis on good programming style
Move forward with this comprehensive, revamped guide to professional coding with C++.