Plays by Women from the Contemporary American Theater Festival

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Plays by Women from the Contemporary American Theater Festival

Plays by Women from the Contemporary American Theater Festival: Gidion's Knot; The Niceties; Memoirs of a Forgotten Man; Dead and Breathing; 20th Century Blues by Peggy McKowen, Ed Herendeen
2019 | ISBN: 1350084816 | English | 344 pages | PDF/EPUB | 2/0.6 MB

Based at Shepherd University, in West Virginia, the Contemporary American Theater Festival is nationally and internationally recognized as a home for playwrights and the development and production of new plays. The Festival makes it a priority to celebrate and produce playwrights with strong, distinct voices, with a core value to tell diverse stories.

This anthology of work provides plays that speak to one of the most compelling virtues of artists everywhere – freedom of speech. A necessary volume of women playwrights' work, ranging from a two-time Obie Award-winning author to emerging writers just beginning their careers, it represents a group of women who vary in age, race and sexual orientation and offers an invitation to artistic leaders, scholars and students to embrace gritty, thought-provoking new dramatic work.

Edited by The Festival's Producing Directors Peggy McKowen and Ed Herendeen, this anthology features an introduction by Pulitzer Prize-winner Lynn Nottage. Each of the five powerful plays is followed by an informative and discursive playwright interview conducted by Sharon J. Anderson that contextualizes and develops the works within the wider context of the annual festival.

The plays include:
Gidion's Knot by Johnna Adams
The Niceties by Eleanor Burgess
Memoirs of a Forgotten Man by D.W Gregory
Dead and Breathing by Chisa Hutchinson
20th Century Blues by Susan Miller