Integrated Image and Graphics Technologies

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Integrated Image and Graphics Technologies

Integrated Image and Graphics Technologies (The International Series in Engineering and Computer Science) by David D. Zhang (Editor), Mohamed Kamel (Editor), George Baciu (Editor)
Publisher: Springer; 1 edition (February 29, 2004) | ISBN-10: 1402077742 | PDF | 15,4 Mb | 432 pages

Image technology is a continually evolving field with various applications such as image processing and analysis, biometrics, pattern recognition, object tracking, remote sensing, medicine diagnoses and multimedia. Significant progress has been made in the level of interest in image morphology, neural networks, full color image processing, image data compression, image recognition, and knowledge -based image analysis systems.
Computer graphics has been mainly driven by engineering design processes and has established itself as a dominating methodology in computer aided design (CAD). Subsequently, computer graphics has found applications in information visualization, computer art, digital entertainment, user interfaces, visual programming, scientific visualization, education and training. Traditionally, the image technology and the computer graphics technology have subsumed slightly different goals. In computer graphics, computers are used to create pictures, animations and simulations. The image technology, on the other hand, consists of techniques and methodologies that modify or interpret existing pictures.
Integrated Image and Graphics Technologies attempts to enhance the access points to both introductory and advanced material in this area, and to facilitate the reader with a comprehensive reference for the study of integrated technologies, systems of image and graphics conveniently and effectively. This edited volume will provide a collection of fifteen contributed chapters by experts, containing tutorial articles and new material describing in a unified way, the basic concepts, theories, characteristic features of the technology and the integration of image and graphics technologies, with recent developments and significant applications.
Integrated Image and Graphics Technologies is designed for a professional audience composed of researchers and practitioners in industry. This book is also suitable as a secondary text for graduate-level students in computer science and engineering.