Spy in Chancery (Audiobook)

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Spy in Chancery (Audiobook)

Spy in Chancery (Audiobook) By P. C. Doherty, read by Paul Matthews
2000 | 6 hours and 29 mins | ISBN: 140747944X | MP3 64 kbps | 187 MB

During the war, King Edward I suspects that his enemy, Philip IV of France, is being aided by a spy in the English court. He commissions his chancery clerk, Hugh Corbett, to trace and destroy the traitor. Corbett's mission brings him into danger both on land and at sea, taking him to Paris and it's dangerous underworld, and then to hostile Wales. Unwillingly he is drawn into the murky undercurrents of international politics in the last decade of the thirteenth century. Corbett soon finds himself in serious danger from a spy who will stop at nothing, not even murder, to keep his identity secret.