Encyclopedia of Race and Crime (repost)

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Encyclopedia of Race and Crime (repost)

Helen T. (Taylor) Greene, Shaun L. Gabbidon, "Encyclopedia of Race and Crime"
1st Edition | English | 2009-04-14 | ISBN: 1412950856 | 1024 pages | PDF | 11.3 mb

As seen almost daily on local and national news, race historically and presently figures prominently in crime and justice reporting within the United States, in the areas of hate crimes, racial profiling, sentencing disparities, wrongful convictions, felon disenfranchisement, political prisoners, juveniles and the death penalty, and culturally specific delinquency prevention programs.

The Encyclopedia of Race and Crime covers issues in both historical and contemporary context, with information on race and ethnicity and their impact on crime and the administration of justice. These two volumes offer a greater appreciation for the similar historical experiences of varied racial and ethnic groups and illustrate how race and ethnicity has mattered and continues to matter in the administration of American criminal justice.

“The organization of the reader’s guide-especially the groupings of landmark cases, race riots, and criminology theories-is impressive … Other related titles lack the breadth, detail, and accessibility of this work. Recommended for all libraries; essential for comprehensive social studies collections.”
Library Journal