Bootstrap Yourself with Linux-USB Stack (repost)

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Bootstrap Yourself with Linux-USB Stack (repost)

Bootstrap Yourself with Linux-USB Stack
Publisher: Course Tec hno logy PTR 2011 | 320 Pages | ISBN: 1435457862 | PDF | 4 MB

Learn to design, develop, and validate USB systems with ease, using this valuable resource that provides a detailed bootstrap session on the Linux-USB design and implementation. BOOTSTRAP YOURSELF WITH LINUX-USB STACK offers a tour of the Linux-USB stack, explaining how to develop drivers for USB device and host controllers on Linux. It moves on to explore the interfaces and data structures of a USB module with UML diagrams, concluding each chapter with a sample implementation that applies the information just covered. A comprehensive look at the various tools and methods available on Linux to validate a USB system is also provided. Using a straightforward writing style, this book is a powerful tool for anyone learning to develop a protocol stack with proper architecture and design, ultimately leading to better quality, maintainability, and testability.