Essential Bicycle Maintenance & Repair (repost)

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Essential Bicycle Maintenance & Repair (repost)

Daimeon Shanks, "Essential Bicycle Maintenance & Repair"
English | 2012 | 224 Pages | ISBN: 1450407072 | PDF | 16 MB

Keep your bike on the road for the long haul! Whether you’re training, competing, or simply riding for fun, a properly tuned bike is essential to performance, efficiency, and safety. That’s where Essential Bicycle Maintenance & Repair comes in.
Author Daimeon Shanks takes a straightforward “you can do it” approach to maintaining and repairing your bike so it’s ready to go when you are.
Essential Bicycle Maintenance & Repair provides simple step-by-step instructions, accompanied by up-close photos, illustrations, and advice, for more than 100 repairs. You’ll learn these skills and more:
• Adjust derailleurs and troubleshoot shifting problems.
• True your wheels and tweak your hubs for a silky-smooth ride.
• Install caliper, cantilever, or V-brakes.
• Repair a broken chain on the roadside.
• Fix flats in no time flat.
• Maintain pedals and cleats for efficiency and comfort.
• Install or adjust a headset.
• Install handlebars, including aero bars and flat bars.
• Adjust your saddle for a perfect fit.
• Determine if a triple crankset is right for you.
So spend more time in the saddle and less time and money in costly repair shops. Essential Bicycle Maintenance & Repair is the one guide no cyclist should be without!