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Kriya Secrets Revealed: Complete Lessons and Techniques

Posted By: step778
Kriya Secrets Revealed: Complete Lessons and Techniques

J.C. Stevens, "Kriya Secrets Revealed: Complete Lessons and Techniques"
English | 2013 | pages: 391 | ISBN: 1479109517 | PDF | 19,6 mb

"Through Kriya, one acquires peace, intelligence and honor. The life span is extended and one attains Samadhi." – Shyama Charan Lahiri, Laws of Manu 1:106
"Kriya Secrets Revealed: Lessons and Techniques Workbook" details the original teachings of the Kriya Yoga techniques and philosophies as taught by its founder, Shyama Charan Lahiri, aka Lahiri Mahasaya or “Lahiri,” 19th century India.
At over 400 pages, "Kriya Secrets Revealed" is not your ordinary Kriya book! This unique book/practical workbook contains every possible resource and description (and illustration) necessary to assist those seeking deeper spiritual understanding through the practice of Kriya Yoga. In addition to describing Lahiri’s Seven Steps of Kriya (beginning to advanced techniques), and as a Kriya-for-all, mindful work, “Kriya Secrets Revealed” also includes descriptions of variations of the Lahiri lessons as presented by different main-line Kriya schools. Readers will also find a reprint of Swami Yogananda’s Kriya (i.e. “Art of Super Realization,” 1930, now public domain) and information from several other sources related to the practice of Kriya. For those who appreciate a starting point, worksheets with suggested practice routines are offered as well. The essays sprinkled throughout the book were written based on the author’s (J.C. Stevens’) insights, which reflect three decades of regular Kriya practice and years of research, including research into original texts relating to Kriya. These essays are meant to provide context for the author’s perspective, satisfy reader curiosity, and as discussions surrounding the theories and philosophies of Lahiri Mahasaya. For reader convenience, a glossary of Sanskrit and other non-English terms, as well as an Index, are also included.
Why was this information published for the public? J.C. Stevens, the book’s author, practiced Kriya for decades without reaching his higher spiritual goals. As a graduate of Physics from UCLA, he knew that the science behind Kriya was sound; but as a practicing yogi, his intuition was telling him that there was more to Kriya than he had been taught through the (Kriya-based) church he attended growing up. In 2013, after Stevens had answered many of his own questions about Kriya through independent research, he made the decision to reveal what he had learned in the form of a book/practical workbook for other aspirants who felt the need to delve deeper into their Kriya practice (i.e. “Kriya Secrets Revealed: Lessons and Techniques Workbook”).
Note from the author: “If you are currently a member of an organization that teaches Kriya, the information in this book may surprise you or challenge your beliefs. Please know that nothing contained within its pages is meant to disrupt anyone’s previous personal beliefs, but merely to assist or enlighten those who have sensed missing information about Kriya and its practice. In gathering knowledge in the formation of this book, every source was researched, including original text held in the National Library of India, which, with the help of Bangla translators, I studied and, in some cases, re-translated through a growing understanding of the text’s language, as well as through intuition gained from practicing Kriya. The decision to publish these findings was also the result of my own frustration with finding variations of Kriya on the Internet that professed to be the ‘only true Kriya.’ I trust that this book will help other likeminded souls avoid this same frustration.” - J.C. Stevens
Lahiri Mahasaya repeatedly reminded his students, “Do not wait for advice to practice Kriya,” urging them to break free of limited thoughts and to become supremely Self-empowered, recognizing that the ability to understand the universe lies within. Only a starting point is necessary. Kriya Yoga can serve as that point.

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