Reconnaissance Man

Posted By: Bayron
Reconnaissance Man

Reconnaissance Man by Aaron Clarey
English | 2016 | ISBN: 1532780117 | 202 pages | EPUB | 2 MB

The true irony of American life is that everybody does precisely what they’re told, but then are shocked when they end up like everyone else. They don’t end up millionaires. They don’t end up with great careers. They don’t have hot wives or husbands. They’re just like every other 30 something schmuck with student loans, a mortgage they can’t afford, a job they hate, a looming divorce, and a cluelessness as to why their lives never turned out the way they were promised.

They did what they were told. They did everything right. They followed the advice of others. And they played by the rules.

…which is precisely why they failed.
You have a choice in life. Do what everybody says you should do and end up like everyone else. Or figure out what you want out of life first and become a “Reconnaissance Man” instead.

Be you a 17 year old whose parents are forcing you into college, or a 45 year old who’s wondering where his youth and life has gone, “Reconnaissance Man” is the book that guarantees you live life right the first time or at least ends your wandering in the desert. By perfectly and clearly explaining the process by which a person figures out who they are and what they want out of life, “Reconnaissance Man” provides the reader a clear road map to life, ensuring you don’t waste precious decades on worthless degrees, careers you hate, and people you don’t love.