Now You Know : The Book of Answers

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Doug Lennox, «Now You Know: The Book of Answers»
Hounslow Press | ISBN 1550024612 | Illustrate edition (August 1, 2003) | PDF | 1,88 Mb | 160 pages


MD5: 2FD78446E60A4078213263C641D73B46


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Book Description:

Why are golf assistants called caddies? Why do the British drive on the left and North Americans on the right? Why is football played on a "gridiron," and a leg injury called a "Charlie horse"? The answers to these questions and the origins of hundreds of other expressions and customs are brought together in this fascinating collection of the history behind everyday words and routines. With all the conciseness of his original radio scripts, Doug Lennox "cuts to the quick" in telling you the things you always wanted to know.

About the Author:

Doug Lennox is best known through his 35 years as a freelance writer, producer, and host in Canadian radio and television. His work at the CBC with such legends as Anne Murray and Ronnie Hawkins has won him acclaim and international recognition. As an actor, he has been featured in many movies and television dramas, including X-Men and Nero Wolfe.

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