Oracle Distributed Systems

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Oracle Distributed Systems

Charles Dye, "Oracle Distributed Systems"
Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Inc. 1999 | 548 Pages | ISBN: 1565924320 | PDF | 3 MB

Oracle provides many tools for designing, developing, administering, and securing distributed database systems. With these tools, data in multiple databases is accessible just as if it were stored in a single database. This book describes how you can use multiple databases and both Oracle8 and Oracle7 distributed system features to best advantage. Aimed at both DBAs and developers, it covers:

Benefits and tradeoffs of distributed database systemsHow to install and configure a distributed system How to use Oracle's networking products, SQL*Net and Net8, for distributed processingHow classic database design concepts extend to distributed systems and particularly to OracleSecurity considerations for distributed systemsHow to configure and administer Oracle's distributed database features (read-only snapshots, multi-master replication, updateable snapshots, procedural replication, and conflict resolution)

This book covers both Oracle8 and Oracle7 syntax, includes a complete API reference for Oracle's built-in distributed system packages (DBMS_REPACT, DBMS_SNAPSHOT), and comes with a diskette containing a wealth of helpful scripts and utilities.

About the Author
Charles Dye is the database architect for Excite, Inc. (, where he is responsible for the design and implementation of the databases theat supply content to some of the world's busiest Web sites. Prior to joining Excite, he was the senior database administrator for The Dialog Corporation. Charles also operates a small but growing consultancy with clients in the San Francisco Bay area and Hong Kong. Once upon a time, before fleeing the East Coast for California skies, Charles taught math and physics at the Georgetown Day School in Washington DC. Charles is a frequent speaker at regional and national Oracle events such as Oracle Open World and IOUG-A Live. His favorite topics are distributed databases in general and advanced replication in particular. He also writes for the Northern California Oracle Users Group newsletter and is an active contributor to the Oracle Internet list server. Look for Charles' upcoming O'Reilly book, Oracle Distributed Systems, available later in 1998. Charles lives in Los Altos, California, with his wife Kathy, daughter Natalie, and labrador Jed.

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