Accounting Made Easy with Your Computer

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Accounting Made Easy with Your Computer

Jean E. Gutmann, "Accounting Made Easy with Your Computer"
1998 | ISBN-10: 1570711267 | EPUB | 224 pages | 4 MB

The Complete Guide to Understanding and Using Computer Accounting

Today's business accounting software is low-cost, powerful and relatively simple to use–if you understand the principles of accounting and how the software applies them to your business's finances. Accounting Made Easy with Your Computer is the critical guide to understanding and using computer accounting in your everyday business operations.

Using practical examples, illustrations and, most importantly, screen images and sample reports from today's most popular software packages–QuickBooks, Peachtree and One-Write Plus–Accounting Made Easy with Your Computer clearly details the possibilities and procedures in computer accounting.

Included are thorough examinations of the accounting techniques and software applications, including:
–General ledger accounting
–Purchases and accounts payable
–Check writing
–Sales and accounts receivable
–Inventory management
–Plus, the essential reports you need