Practical Solutions for Everyday Work Problems AND Your Career: Coach Yourself to Success

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Elizabeth Chesla, «Practical Solutions for Everyday Work Problems»
LearningExpress | ISBN 1576852032 | 1 ed. (January 2000) | PDF | .5 Mb | 192 pages

Practical Solutions for Everyday Work Problems is specifically designed to show entry-level employees the best ways to handle any workplace problem or situation. Defining issues, jump-starting the creative problem-solving process, sharpening the critical thinking skills, to generating, evaluating, and implementing problem solving strategies are all covered in a self-study program that helps you work at your own pace and make visible progress in just 20 simple steps. Plus, this book is filled with useful sidebars, self-assessment quizzes, checklists, and worksheets.
Presents practical problem solving techniques to use on the job.
Presents problem solving skills that can lead to success in the workplace.

Jason Rich, «Your Career: Coach Yourself to Success»
LearningExpress | ISBN 1576853624 | 1 ed. (January 2001) | PDF | .5 Mb | 256 pages

Book Description
Coaching has revolutionized career guidance, but has remained the privilege of those at the top of their careers. Your Career: Coach Yourself to Success makes the personalized approach to achieving job satisfaction offered by private coaches available to people starting or building their careers.

About the Author
Jason R. Rich writes a weekly column for the Sunday Boston Herald and contributes to The Wall Street Journal's Managing Your Career. He is the author of several career books. He lives in Foxboro, Massachusetts.