Statistics in the 21st Century

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Adrian E. Raftery, Martin A. Tanner, Martin T. Wells (Editors),
«Statistics in the 21st Century»
Chapman & Hall/CRC | ISBN 1584882727 | 2001-07-09 | PDF | 3.22 MB | 576 pages

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This impressive volume is highly recommended for all statisticians as well as anybody who is interested in applying statistics in any science.
- Perceptual and Motor Skills, December 2001

Even though statistics is used in different disciplines in different contexts, this volume reveals an underlying cohesiveness of the field. With the growth of computer power and storage, researchers are analyzing large and complex data sets, leading to the need for new methods of model selection. Material is presented clearly and informatively. Extensive author and subject indexes. A valuable addition to academic libraries.
–CHOICE Magazine, May 2002

Book Description:

The development of statistics has been driven by the broader environment within which it operates: by applications in the sciences, medicine, engineering, and business; by the appearance of new types of data demanding interpretation, and by the rapid advances in computer technology. Statistics for the 21st Century comprises contributions from the foremost statisticians in the field that highlight the most important statistical advances and trends for the future. Components include capture-recapture methods, randomized clinical trials, statistical genetics, computational biology, empirical methods and the law, time series forecasting, internet traffic data, coding and compression of data, missing data techniques, and measurement error models. This is an essential reference text for statisticians, and for researchers in a wide range of other fields.

Book Info:

A collection of vignettes originally published in the Journal of the American Statistical Association, examining our statistical past, providing commentary on the present, and speculation on the future. Softcover. DLC: Mathematical statistics.