LAN Switching First Step (REPOST)

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Matthew J Castelli, «LAN Switching First Step»
Cisco Press | ISBN 1587201003 | July 8, 2004 | CHM | 5.3 MB | 408 pages



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Book Description:

Your First Step into the World of LAN Switching

* Understand switching basics with this reader-friendly guide that assumes no expertise in switching!
* Use hands-on activities to reinforce concepts and understand switching basics
* Learn from standard features from the First-Step Series like case studies, tips, pre- and post-chapter reviews

LAN Switching First-Step is anyone's introduction to the world of Local Area Network Switching. A title from the new First-Step series from Cisco Press, this book provides the most accessible introduction to this essential part of networks. Assuming no prior experience, and written in an approachable, conversational style, LAN Switching First-Step makes the world of LAN switching one that anyone can understand.

Case Studies, Tips, Notes, Alerts, Chapter Overviews, Chapter Summaries, and the other elements that are used throughout the First-Step series help readers understand and retain basic switching concepts and theories that are presented throughout the book. LAN Switching First-Step provides network novices with a fundamental introduction and guide that will help them quickly and easily understand what LAN switching is, how it works, and where it fits in a network architecture.

About the Author:

Matthew J. Castelli is the deputy network and secure solutions program and product manager with EDS on the Navy/Marine Corps Intranet program, specializing in the U.S. Navy's classified network. Over the past 16 years, Matthew has worked in networks of all sizes, including small-, medium-, large-, and very large-scale local-area network (LAN) and wide-area network (WAN) switched and routed internetworks.