Learn How to Program Using Any Web Browser by Harold Davis

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Learn How to Program Using Any Web Browser by Harold Davis
Publisher: friends of ED; 1 edition (September 29, 2003) | ISBN: 1590591135 | CHM | 11,5 Mb | 304 pages

"Learn How to Program Using Your Web Browser" is intended for readers of any age who want to learn how to program. It assumes no prior knowledge on the part of the reader, and there are no requirements for software purchase or installation beyond what is available on any contemporary computer. The software used for teaching programming will be JavaScript, which can be written using any text editor, and displayed in almost any Web browser, regardless of operating system. Despite the unfortunate word "script" in the language name, in actuality JavaScript is a modern programming language. Learn How to Program will teach the basics of programming using JavaScript. While displaying the results of running JavaScript programs in Web pages will be used to motivate readers - a simple example is changing text when the user moves the mouse over it in a Web page - very emphatically this is not a book about programming JavaScript. It is a book about general principles of good programming practice for complete novices. The target reader is likely a twelve or thirteen year old, who is just starting to get curious about what makes a computer work - or an office worker who has been using computer applications for years, and would like to spend some time delving deeper into what makes them tick.

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