Outlook 2007: Beyond the Manual (Repost)

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Outlook 2007: Beyond the Manual (Repost)

Tony Campbell, Jonathan Hassell, "Outlook 2007: Beyond the Manual"
English | 2007 | ISBN: 1590597966 | 478 pages | PDF | 7.29 MB

Many people use Outlook either by choice or by force, but few of them do more than scratch the surface of the personal information managers many features. And after years of spending hours each day within Outlook, most users become at least proficient with its base features.
Outlook 2007: Beyond the Manual takes you to the next level, showing you how to better manage your time, tasks, mail, and activities using Outlooks sometimes hidden and sometimes undiscovered features. Freshly written for and based on Outlook 2007, this book doesnt waste your time showing you how to send an e-mail, but tells you how to make yourself more efficient, less cluttered, and more clear about whats happening in your life.

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