Military Uniforms (Twentieth-Century Developments in Fashion and Costume)

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Military Uniforms (Twentieth-Century Developments in Fashion and Costume)

Carol Harris, Mike Brown "Military Uniforms (Twentieth-Century Developments in Fashion and Costume)"
Mason Crest Publishers | 2003-03 | ISBN: 1590844181 | 64 pages | PDF | 22 MB

The 20th century saw warfare taken to new extremes in two conflicts so vast they are called "World Wars." They not only changed the way society felt about war, but also the ways in which combat took place. The explosion of technology and social change that marked the 20th century applied to warfare as much as any other area. Looking back over a century of progress, Military Uniforms examines these changes and how they affected the clothes of the armed services, from World War I cavalry regiments with their brightly colored uniforms covered in gold braid, to the ultracamouflaged, high-tech super-warriors of today, as well as women's growing role in the Army and their uniforms. It is fascinating to imagine what directions uniforms of the 21st century will take.

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